Techfrolic provides design services in the following areas:

Prototype / Mockup / Wireframes development

UI/UX advisory

Desktop Application design

SaaS application design

Mobile app UX

Often this phase is ignored by technology solution providers, whereas a good intuitive design is the important ingredient to achieve frictionless and enjoyable experience for the users. A good UX design boost customer satisfaction by providing better usability, accessibility and pleasure in the interaction with every aspect of a product.



Discuss, discuss and discuss


Iterative prototyping


Freezing the finalized prototypes


Software products must fascinate their users since it is targeted to make the life simple. However, an incomplete or bad planning can lead to an overhead which adds to the current complexities. We understate the problem statement and target to eliminate it with our excellence in IT services.

Techfrolic offer full range of services from application development, testing and maintenance through deployment, upgrades and consulting. We help you develop a software application with following characteristics:

Techfrolic enables organizations to unlock the opportunities and realize the immense potential of mobility.

  •   Application Development & Maintenance
  •   Roadmap & Strategy
  •   Integration
  •   Efficiency Enhancement
  •   Testing

Techfrolic involves with its clients from conceptualizing and design phase and we complement in development, implementation and maintenance phase. This enables our client to concentrate on their core businesses while we take care of their IT needs. We follow Agile methodology which is an iterative and incremental approach to software project management.

It provides the perfect blend of control and transparency while also allowing flexibility in the software development process, which makes it ideal to manage software development outsourcing.