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Business Challenges Today

Manual prior-authorization remains one of the top workflow challenges that rising healthcare industries face today. The existing workflow offer various challenges –

  • Provider care delays
  • Complex healthcare IT landscape
  • High Cost
  • Inefficient operational workflow for providers
  • Low quality patient care

It is time to bypass the hassles and opt for the right solution that has the key to fix all challenges.

Electronic Prior-Authorization

KnackInsure is the electronic cloud-based solution that provides end-to-end workflow for Prior-Authorization processes and claims. It aims towards –

Operational Excellence for Providers

Improved Customer Experience for Patients

Saving Valuable Time for Healthcare Professionals

Secure Digitalized Network for Insurance Companies

Crafted and backed by right mix of industry and technological expertise, KnackInsure enables fast, reliable and secure prior-authorization submissions, processing and reporting and enables claims to be submitted anywhere anytime from mobile application.



Manual filling and subsequent submission of prior-auth forms at various TPAs and Insurance companies has always been a laborious work for the hospitals. It results in waste of time and resources but still is prone to mistakes and legibility issues that raises frustration and lowers satisfaction for healthcare professionals.

KnackInsure has the ability and capability to automate manual prior-auth processes to

  • Bypass tedious manual work with control and visibility
  • Bring consistency with reduced errors
  • Improve communication with involved parties
  • Enable ability to scale and grow rapidly


Easy-to-use technologies have enabled healthcare industries to be more mobile and efficient, but at the same time have also made them exposed to potential security threats. Right information at right time can be used effectively for patient care but information leakages can cost you more then you can imagine.

KnackInsure has the ability and capability to deliver secure system shield by Blockchain to

  • Safely store sensitive data
  • Ensure stored data cannot be tempered
  • Enforce Authorization of access to information
  • Enable ability to scale and grow rapidly


Every healthcare organization have Data that would have been collected from patients, business or other sources. Rarely these data are used in meaningful manner to make any conclusions. Right information at right time can make a big difference and can help you take informed decisions to shape your business.

KnackInsure has the ability and capability to deliver Analytics to

  • Deliver customize reports on single click
  • Provide intuitive dashboard with latest information
  • Predict future looking at past data
  • Enable ability to scale and grow rapidly


Healthcare organizations are often challenged with the cost of upgrading on-premises infrastructure as per change in technology and business needs. This is a time consuming process and still does not help you in getting future-ready. Migration from traditional on-premises to cloud is necessary to empower your business .

KnackInsure leverages Cloud platform to

  • Deliver subscription-based model for you to pay what you actually use
  • Ensure flexibility from fluctuating resource bandwidth demands
  • Foster security and document control
  • Enable ability to scale and grow rapidly


Healthcare organizations constantly faces the challenge of providing quality care to patients. The multi-facet journey of a patient demands for the information that is instant, accurate and most importantly available as per comfort. Hospitals do need mechanism to streamline workflow and fosters clinical collaboration.

KnackInsure leverages Mobility platform to

  • Deliver and collaborate anytime anywhere via Mobile app
  • Submit emergency cases remotely
  • Empower effective communication
  • Enable ability to scale and grow rapidly

Artificial Intelligence

The complexity and rise of data in healthcare organizations need intelligence to take over, applying intelligence have the potential to transform many aspects of patient care, as well as administrative processes within hospitals, insurance companies and pharmaceutical organizations.

KnackInsure leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to

  • Deliver smart system that performs faster
  • Reduce dependency on human presence
  • Impose accountability for quick TAT
  • Enable ability to scale and grow rapidly


With a view to delivering the best-in-class services to patients, healthcare organizations are embracing latest technology trends to stay updated as per market needs. As patient services take a whole new approach, hospitals are keen to invest in automated tools to offer timely care services. In the digital age, patients expect faster responses from healthcare service providers.

KnackInsure leverages Chatbots to

  • Deliver smart system that facilitate faster response
  • Save human energy to be utilized effectively
  • Impose accountability for quick TAT
  • Reduce expenses and cost saving

Expertise in Action

KnackInsure leverages latest and emerging technologies to ensure secure transactions in friction of seconds anywhere anytime and gives you freedom from any on-premise infrastructure setup.

Innovation with Purpose

KnackInsure reinforces our mission to enable healthcare industries for maximizing operational efficiencies and thus pushes for better business outcomes.

All-in-one integrated platform

Enabling 24X7 Service

Transparent information across channels

Minimized legibility issues

Better visibility on Turn-Around-Time

Mapped Domain Experts

Analytics reports on single click

A new Lens on Innovation

On an average healthcare professionals spends nearly 32 minutes in filling a manual pre-auth form which can be reduced by 25-30% with help of electronic system in place.

Digitized information results in Saving resources cost that providers incurs regularly by nearly 50-60%.

With information just-in-time, the delays in hospital discharges can be reduced by 3-4 hours per patients.

Centralized system across all channels ensures better visibility and lesser legibility issues and thus enforces reduced chance of queries by almost 30-35%.

How do we Simplify Prior-Authorization and make it Impactful ?

Manual Process Workflow

Electronic Process Workflow

KnackInsure Provides End-to-end solution for Insurance claims and handles all touchpoints with TPAs electronically

Let’s make IT work for you

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About Us

KnackInsure specializes in the field of healthcare and offers full-scale electronic solution for Hospitals and Insurance companies to overcome business and claim workflow challenges. We have the right craft of Domain and Technology expertise to be trusted as your digital transformation partner.

KnackInsure is backed by TechFrolic -a leading IT Services and Solution partner with practical experience of 15+ years specializing in Robotics, Mobility, Application Design and Development. A team comprising of skilled architects, analyst, program managers, developers and creative designers capable of handling challenges of any magnitude makes TechFrolic the right IT partner of choice.

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