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Best open-source platform for e-governance: DIGIT from egov

Many of us know about zerodha and wonders it has done in last few years. Did you know what powers such fluidity of Zerodha?  

Clearly, adoptability for open source is never like before, the cons of using open sources are devalued with modern approaches to open-source building. While FOSS brings transparency to the whole world on what lies in the code and how users’ data will be handled, it also gives an opportunity to contribute back and improve the platform for the world to use. 

We have been using some amazing open-source tools in our projects implementation which helps us being competitive and ensures the good quality products. Keycloak, OpenMRS, ERPNext, Listmonk  to name few. At the same time, we are committed to give it back by contributing to some of the open sources.  

One such open source which I want talk about today is DIGIT. DIGIT from egov is a governance platform, which enables government bodies to digitize their processes. In my opinion this is a revolution in itself. State government and local municipal corporations across India have been developing digital solutions for their needs and have been putting millions to bring up their digital capabilities. These solutions are generally not built to scale and work in silos. They end up having multiple systems for different platforms. For example, Trade license, property tax collections, Online building plan approval etc are some functions which are needed by all state govt bodies. 

DIGIT enables government bodies transform their digital capabilities to serve citizens effectively. This empowers govt. bodies deliver faster, better and cheaper delivery of public services. DIGIT core platform is built to scale and have capability to exchange info to other modules namely Urban, Sanitation, Public Finance and Health. Moreover, it brings transparency to all stake holders viz. State govt, local municipal body, citizens. Citizens have access to data on why their applications is rejected instead of dealing with bureaucracy. 

DIGIT is initiated and owned by egov which was founded by Nandan Nilekani in 2003 which works in building public digital platforms in an open ecosystem. Their platforms are open sourced and distributed with MIT License that gives implementer amazing flexibility to customize and leverage the scalability. 

From an IT solution provider lens, best thing is no need to REINVENT THE WHEEL. Imagine you have all these functionalities from day 1, this clearly gives you edge over others and save huge cost for your customers. At TechFrolic, we recently leveraged capability of this amazing open source for one of our assignments. We have mature developers with necessary technical capabilities to bring up and customize DIGIT Core and other modules for specific requirements. 

Following is the technology stack you will have to equip with in order to leverage DIGIT in your implementation: 

  • Kubernetes
  • ElasticSearch
  • Kafka
  • Zuul
  • Kibana  Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Microservices
  • NodeJS
  • React JS
  • redis

Please visit egov and DIGIT for more information. 

Reference links: 


DIGIT Core:  


Mahendra Batra


Mahendra Batra

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